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Picture sailing on a sloop whose history dates back to the early 1800's when these beautiful hand built vessels plied their trade up and down the Caribbean chain from St. Barths to Trinidad trading all manner of goods from rum to cigarettes to spices.

The art of boatbuilding has been the lifeblood of our sister islands Carriacou and Petite Martinique for hundreds of years but unfortunately over the last 50 years the mallets could no longer be heard as the industry went into decline due to traders preferring to buy steel cargo boats instead of the hand built sloops.

This boatbuilding art-form is now seeing a resurgence due to switched on tourist seeking a more authentic cultural experience when they visit the islands. Savvy built on the shores of our sister island Petite Martinique offers its guest a gateway into Grenada's authentic boatbuilding culture and way of life. From its captain who is a boatbuilder from Petite Martinique to the local ingredients we use in our food and drink to the beautiful wooden boat, one can feel transformed to a generation past when sailing these beautiful shores of Grenada was a way of life.

So for those adventurous souls seeking an authentic connection to the heritage of this historic island chain, the Savvy crew will ensure you have a truly fun & memorable experience. Our small intimate groups & private sailing charters enhance the romance of being aboard this unique vessel.



The Party Animal

When a passion for sailing is coupled with a love for parties and having a good time, you get Danny Donelan; the party animal.


Nicknamed - Mad Man

Mad Man is a young apprentice boat builder and fisherman from Grand Mal Grenada. He has accompanied Captain Walter and Danny on many regatta trips to Carriacou, St Lucia, Antigua and St Barths.


The Captain

Living on the ocean for most of his life, Walter is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable captains on island.

Savvy Boat

More About Savvy and traditional Sloops

Sloops of all sizes ply the waters between the islands of the southern part of the Grenadines and Grenada, and the Carriacou sloop has a very high reputation locally. Carriacou sloops are not only fast, sturdy and ideally suited to these waters, but also slim and light and really quite beautiful in their own right.

A major tradition in Carriacou is the building and launching of the renowned Carriacou sloops, characterised by crowds descending on the boatbuilding beach site from neighbouring villages and a hell of a lot of noise all round. It's the sort of boisterous and colourful occasion that is part of the charm of the Grenada region.

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