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Savvy Sailing Carnival Special

August is here and in our home port of Grenada that means carnival! As we sail into the excitement of J’ouvert, Pretty Mas, Monday Night Mas and all things soca, let us introduce you to a truly unique way to experience Spicemas 2017.

Everyone loves to see the masqueraders dressed… Read More


Savvy Sailing Sceneries

Viewing the coast of Grenada as you sail by is a very unique experience. You uncover secluded beaches and landmarks you never knew existed. On the routine Savvy cruises, you are bound to sail by at least one of the following bays.

Halifax Harbour - home to the newest hotspot, Calypso… Read More


Discover Carriacou

Grenada’s sister island Carriacou meaning ‘Isle of Reefs’ is the largest inhabited island in the Grenadines and home to some of the most beautiful beaches, views and coral reefs. Carriacou is simply the gateway to endless adventures, and it’s ideal if you’re looking for an escape.

Hiking and Nature Walks

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The Significance of Sailing Festivals

There is a strong presence of a boat building culture in the caribbean particularly the Grenadine Islands which dates back hundreds of years. In those days, the main means of income came from trading and fishing, which made the boat building culture a huge business. To commemorate the beauty, craftsmanship… Read More


Marine Protected Areas in the Grenadines

Did you know that three destinations on the various trips Savvy’s offer are Marine Protected Areas (MPA)? The Grenadines Network of Marine Protected areas was established in 2011 and includes the Tobago Cays Marine Park, Sandy Island Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area and the Moliniere- Beausejour Marine Protected Area.

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Savvy’s Top 5 Moments of 2016

Savvy’s have had a very successful year filled with lots of adventures. And although our number 1 goal is to ensure that each one of our guests have an epic time, we too accumulate wonderful memories. See an overview of our top 5 moments of 2016.

5. Savvy Sighting 

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The Wonders of the Grenadines

The Grenadines leaves so much to wonder, which leads to questions like how many islands, beaches and adventures can you really discover? Between the mainland of Grenada and Saint Vincent lies a chain of exotic islands separated by lustrous turquoise waters. Their beautiful un-spoilt white sandy beaches adorned with coconut… Read More

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This is the Life

‘This is the life’,  ‘the good life’ and ‘I love this life’ are just some of the phrases guests utter as our traditionally built sloop slices the the ocean with the sails at full mast.

It’s a phrase that brings joy to our ears coupled with the expressions of… Read More


Savvy launches its new Website

Welcome to Savvy Sailing Adventure. We are pleased to announce that today marks the official launched our new website (www.sailingsavvy.com).  

For those of you who are a bit unfamiliar with us, you have no idea what you’ve been missing.  Savvy Sailing Adventure is one of the most authentic… Read More