Our Fleet of Boats

Discover the Grenadine Islands

Our boats are all hand made by local shipwrights on Grenada’s sister islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Each distinctive vessel possesses her own individual character. Here are the stories of our extraordinary sail boats. For 200 years, these workboats were the lifeblood of the vital trade route carrying a variety of goods between the islands. Bequia, Carriacou and Petite Martinique built more of these boats than anywhere else in the Caribbean. In time, captains opted for more modern steel boats, and the pounding mallets could no longer be heard on the beaches. In recent years, because of the work of Alexis Andrews of the film Vanishing Sails and charter companies like Savvy Sailing, there has been a revitalization in the boat building and once again we are seeing a surge in wooden boats being constructed. These boats showcase the ingenuity, resilience and the traditions of our people. Our fleet is immaculately maintained and sailed by the men who built them.



The dream came alive with Savvy,” says Danny Donelan, “The first time I saw Savvy was at her launch in 2007, in Petite Martinique.  The day started with the rising sun, where people gathered on the beach to see the unveiling of the new boat. If they are impressed with the builder’s skill, they leave money in a red velvet pouch nailed to the stern. The priest blesses the boat and the ladies sang while the band plays their quantros and violins. The men push the boat and pull the ropes, cajoling her into the water. The name of a boat is a deeply guarded secret. When she was set onto the water, her flag was unrolled, announcing, “Savvy”. Charming Savvy loves to entertain her guests for intimate sunset cruises or festive day charters with friends and family. She accommodates up to 16 guests. Feeling the love? Surprise your loved one with a romantic, private cruise and bubbles too!

Built: 2007 Size: 43ft sloop  Builder: Baldwin DeRoche



The elegant schooner ‘Jambalaya’ is the most recent addition to our fleet. Lovingly and immaculately kept, she is the bell of the fleet, boasting luxurious accommodation in the masterfully crafted skilfulness of Carriacou tradition. She offers the ultimate in comfort and romance, with cabins to sleep 6 and a spacious honeymoon suite with vaulted ceilings and a view of the stars at night. Her name reflects the mingling of descendants who came from the Windward village on Carriacou. In the early 19th century, the boat builders of Scotland established a boat building trade and together created a community blended with African descendants. A mix of many influences makes the perfect blend, Jambalaya!

Captain, Danny Donelan and Captain, Monique Mills host you on this magnificent sailing vessel guiding you to postcard perfect destinations.  Monique is a certified RYA Yachtmaster and an avid ocean conservationist, bringing her Eco-Savvy to the fleet. Her passion is exploring the seas and providing sustainable, sailing adventures. Her mission is to use sailing to connect her guests to the ocean and foster appreciation of the Caribbean culture. She is always keen to share her enthusiasm by guiding her guests above and below the waves on snorkeling safaris. 

Jambalaya is recommended for private charters with friends and family, corporate events, weddings and romantic, luxurious escape. Day charters and trips to the Grenadines. 

Jambalaya can accommodate up to 50 guests.


Size:73ft Schooner

Builder: Alwyn Enoe

Free in St Barths

Free in St Barths was built on the shores of Carricou by Savvy Captain Cal EnoeFree is Cal’s first solo build and the fastest sloop in our fleet. She is perfectly suited for both racing regattas, and relaxing day cruising and lounging on mile high plushy pillows with friends Free races every year in the Regattas in Grenada, Bequia, Antigua, St Barths and Carriacou.  You are Free to join us in one of the many Caribbean Regattas year-round. Click below to sign up for updates.


Free welcomes up to 20 guests for day charters, 2 day cruises to the Grenadines, and regattas.



Spacious Zemi is the perfect party boat and, like Free, is set up with many creature comforts for her guests. These two are often sailed in tandem to the Grenadines to accommodate larger groups. Zemi is a avid competitor, winning many regattas across the Caribbean, often neck and neck with Free. 

Zemi can host up to 20 guests for day charters, 2 day cruises to the Grenadines, and welcomes you to enjoy the thrill of racing with us

Built: 2009 Size:43ft Sloop Builder: Alywn Enoe