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Savvy Sailing Carnival Special

August is here and in our home port of Grenada that means carnival! As we sail into the excitement of Jā€™ouvert, Pretty Mas, Monday Night Mas and all things soca, let us introduce you to a truly unique way to experience Spicemas 2017.

Everyone loves to see the masqueraders dressed up in flamboyant costumes on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, grooving to the music. The streets filled with vendors and spectators alike who come out to catch the pure spirit of the festivities radiating from each mas band.

Some people like being in the large crowds while others prefer to view from home or rely on friends and family to capture moments and post them on social media.

If you choose to be away from the crowds and prefer to be with family and close friends, we have something that is just right for you.

Our Carnival Special offers a unique vantage point for viewing Spicemas 2017. This includes a full afternoon of sailing, snorkeling, soaking up the sun with the people you love most and a fun time viewing the carnival bands from the sea as they go along the Carenage.

Our special sails are scheduled for Carnival Saturday, Carnival Monday morning, Monday night and Tuesday afternoon. Each day we offer a cool selection of limited drinks.

Call us today and book a tour with us at (473) 409-3255 or email us at sailingsavvy@gmail.com.

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