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Savvy Sailing Sceneries

Viewing the coast of Grenada as you sail by is a very unique experience. You uncover secluded beaches and landmarks you never knew existed. On the routine Savvy cruises, you are bound to sail by at least one of the following bays.

Halifax Harbour - home to the newest hotspot, Calypso Island.

Dragon Bay - located in Moliniere, home of the Underwater Sculpture Park and the Dragon Bay Bar. 

Flamingo Bay - located in Happy Hill St. George consists of clear turquoise waters for swimming and snorkeling. There is also a secluded beach hidden by a bushy rock structure. 

Looking for a mini island excursion on a Sunday….hog island is perfect for you. On this cruise you experience of beauty from the Grand Anse Bay to Devil’s Bay. The beaches that encompasses this area are:

Pandy Beach

The renowned Grand Anse Beach - which stretches 2 miles is the island’s most popular beach and main resort luxury accommodations area. 

Portici Beach - beachfront to Laluna Resort and Villas and the Beach House Restaurant 

Parc a Beouf Beach - also known as ‘Dr. Grooms’, is adjacent to Portici Beach separated by a rock structure. 

Morne Rouge Beach - also known as ‘BBC’

Magazine Beach - a popular spot for cookouts

Pink Gin Beach - beachfront to Sandals La Source

The sole proprietor on Hog Island is Roger’s Barefoot Beach Bar, which on occasion provides entertainment from local bands. This coupled with warm and clear waters is ideal for total tranquility. If you wish to explore, there is a second beach on the opposite end of the island.

A Savvy Sailing cruise is the perfect way to spend a laid back weekend.


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