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Savvy’s Top 5 Moments of 2016

Savvy’s have had a very successful year filled with lots of adventures. And although our number 1 goal is to ensure that each one of our guests have an epic time, we too accumulate wonderful memories. See an overview of our top 5 moments of 2016.

5. Savvy Sighting 

Grand Anse Beach is a popular stop for Savvy’s where sometimes we witness different types of entertainment. For example, the Fit For Life Health Club conducting an intense session of carnival fitness.

Savvy Sighting
Savvy Sighting


4. Savvy Crew is Number 1

Captain Walter and First Mate Chris a.k.a ‘Man Man’ placed first at the Grenada Sailing Festival. It was a very close race but they propelled to victory in the last 10m. It was a big win as you can tell by Captain Walter’s embrace with a friend.

Savvy is Number 1
Savvy Crew is Number 1


3. Group Action Shot 

One of our guest Dawnelle Clyne brought a group of friends for a grenadines trip where we captured one of our favourite action shots. The Tobago Keys is the ultimate place to take a plunge with its crystal clear waters. 


Action Shot

Action Shot



2. Goats on the Road

The dynamic duo, Dariece and Nick who have been travelling the world full time took a sunset sail which was detailed in a wonderful blog piece by Dariece. Here are a few excerpts from the blog. 

“What I really loved about this sunset trip was the fact that it was so chilled out.”

“We moored up at Dragon Bay and before we knew it, Danny had thrown pool noodles and other floatation devices into the sea, and dove in after them. That was our signal! We gladly jumped in for a refreshing swim.”

Goats on the Road
Goats on the Road


1. Machel and Friends

With all the partying involved during the carnival season its mandatory to have an after carnival wind-down, like Machel and friends did after this year’s Spice Mas. They really enjoyed the Underwater Sculpture Park, a cool BBQ lunch, the rum punch and sailing into the sunset while listening to some really cool music.There’s nothing more relaxing than a full day sail aboard Savvy’s. 

Machel And Friends
Machel And Friends



As we approach a new year, we look forward to having you aboard to create more heart warming memories. 

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