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This is the Life

‘This is the life’,  ‘the good life’ and ‘I love this life’ are just some of the phrases guests utter as our traditionally built sloop slices the the ocean with the sails at full mast.

It’s a phrase that brings joy to our ears coupled with the expressions of absolute contentment and glee. We hear it more often on our Grenadines Tour, a tour that we like to recommend as the most epic way to experience Grenada and the neighbouring Grenadines Islands.

Last month, we did two major Grenadines trips with a total of 10 friends on each trip. If you’re looking for a bucket list item, allow us to help you visuals how good this life can be by sharing this detailed account of the Grenadines experience, written by one of our Grenadines Tour guest.

“I was a little nervous about being on the sea for three days, but I was so ready for this experience. I was ready to throw caution to the wind, let the trade winds ruffle my hair without a care in the world, and rock to sleep nautiously under the stars.

When the Osprey finally reached Grenada’s sister Island Carriacou, it was easy to spot Savvy’s traditionally built sloop commanding attention in the turquoise waters surrounding Sandy Island. There’s never been a boat I’ve been so eager to get on. It has a charm that draws you in, so much so, you could imagine living the rest of your life at sea.

First stop was the secluded white sandy shores of Sandy Island and Anse La Roche. The courteous Captain Walter and his Apprentice nicknamed Mad Man, always check to see if you can handle the open waters before you dive into what can only be described as ‘heaven on earth’. The waters in the Grenadines are so crystal clear you just want to be immersed in its waves every second, minute and hour of the tour and with the amount of snorkeling gear onboard, we didn’t hesitate to dive right in.

Our first night in Union Island was filled with exploration. We explored the quaint bars and restaurants that came to life at night and the stars in the sky. And we tried to explore the idea of Barbecuing on a boat, until Mad Man came to the rescue with a finger licking marinade filled with Vincentian beer.  The nights were long and peaceful interrupted only by the excitement of sailing the next day.

We basked in the stunning island of Mayreau, named on of the best beaches in the world. We swam with turtles in Tobago Cays. We danced, laughed, cried (with laughter), memorized and sometimes gazed at the beauty of each sunset in utter silence. We bonded over the high waves and smiled at the thought of looking back on these unforgettable memories.

To this day, we still laugh at the hilarious antics, comments and events that happened when 10 friends live on a sailboat for 3 days… but we all agreed, what happens on Savvy’s, stays on Savvy’s.

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