About Sailing Savvy

Sailing Savvy is an online resource striving to educate both sailing enthusiasts and would-be adventurers about life on the water.

Having started out as deckhands and working our way up the ladder to Chief Officer and Captain positions from 90ft (30 meters) boats all the way up to 280ft (85 meters).

Between us, we have nearly 20 years’ worth of experience within the yachting industry. We have maintained and inspected hundreds of SOLAS-approved life-saving appliances.

Our commercial marine background ensured we checked and tested all types of boating equipment, from handheld VHF radios to outboard engines and even LRAD devices.

The recommendations we share are 100% impartial and bias-free. We only offer genuine advice on what we have come to know as the best safety equipment for sailing from countless hours of testing and inspections.

In addition to deep expertise in boating equipment, we have traveled the length and breadth of the world via its wonderful oceans. From island hopping in Greece to SCUBA diving shipwrecks in the Caribbean and not to mention the numerous ocean crossings.

Editor/Chief Mate 3000GT

I’m the founder and chief editor here at Sailing Savvy. I’m a lover of being out on the water and sampling Caribbean rum! Currently, I run an SEO consultancy in addition to this little corner of the interwebs. Welcome, and I hope that we can provide the portal you need to dive into your next aquatic adventure.

Writer/Master 3000GT

Nice to e-meet you. I’m Craig. I obtained my Officer Of The Watch (OOW) at the age of 22 and my Master of Yachts (3000 GT) by the time I was 27. Since then, I have had more than twenty Atlantic crossings under my belt. So here I am sharing my insider knowledge on sailingsavvy.com with you today. Enjoy!