Mustang Survival HUDSON CCS Dry Suit Review

Our Rating: 4.5/5







Best For:
Ocean sailing & racing

Admittedly these are for hardcore racers looking for the ultimate performance foul-weather gear. Needing a suit of this caliber and putting it through its paces will mean you’ve probably found yourself in rough conditions. Still, it’s the peak of sailing performance gear if money is no object.

This is Mustang Survival’s first dry suit for the recreational market. However, they have more than 30 years of experience making them for the US Coast Guard and military, so they are good at making them.

The entire suit is made from a three-layer marine spec fabric that is durable and fully waterproof. In addition, at the sleeve cuffs and the neck, you’ll find a patented seal (called the Closed Comfort System) that allows the wearer to seal these areas without feeling any restrictions.

A bomber zipper that opens diagonally across the suit from the shoulder down to the waist is constructed with the next step up from YKK, the AQUASEAL. This means that the only opening in the suit is as waterproof as the rest.

Articulated knees that are fully adjustable and guarded at the front make working far easier and keep the suit durable over its lifespan.

Suspenders on the inside ensures the wearer finds an optimal fit before sealing themselves in for the long haul. In addition, Mustang ensures that their suit will not sag throughout the day and will be held in the same position on the body.

Lastly, the feet are made from the same material as their inflatable lifejacket bladders, so it’s extremely tough and highly visible. It’s a clever design touch because anyone overboard with a life jacket inflated will have their feet pointing upward. It gives rescuers another target to see.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Who Is This For?

For anyone looking for a reliable dry suit for offshore activities, the Mustang Survival HUDSON CCS Dry Suit is a top choice.

This suit is specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough waters, making it a perfect option for boating, fishing, and sailing enthusiasts.

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