Gill OS1 Review of the Ocean Series

Before I start banging on about features and specs in this Gill OS1 review it’s worth pointing out that premium apparel costs money.

If you opt to buy the OS1 series you’ll have some of the best sailing foul weather gear for at least the next 10 years.

Having to equip myself for the delivery of a new Lagoon 42 catamaran from France to Croatia recently, the need for reliable and resilient sailing gear was non-negotiable.

My choice fell on the Gill OS1 Series, consisting of a jacket and trousers. Here’s my full and comprehensive review of the gear.

Review of the Gill OS1 Ocean Sailing Jacket

After taking the Gill OS1 jacket out on the water, its high performance in repellence of both water and stains stands out. Built to endure the rigors of ocean sailing, it’s clear that this jacket is made with durability in mind, evident in its hand wash care instructions and robust fabric composition—nylon with polyester panels.

I felt as though the nylon shell was robust enough to protect against the elements without sacrificing the flexibility needed to navigate a vessel. I think you’ll appreciate the thoughtful consideration for articulated movement paired with the protective elements.

Feedback from my peers in the industry consistently notes the jacket’s quality. I can assure you of a level of craftsmanship that matches the jacket’s functional promise.

It’s not just about staying dry; it’s about staying comfortable without feeling like you’re trapped inside a plastic bag (one of my pet peeves).

This sailing jacket indeed gives off a sense of durability and trust in its water repellency yet does not completely ignore the necessity of a breathable fabric that adapts to your activities. 

However, while it excels in keeping you dry, keep in mind that any waterproof gear should be part of a layered clothing strategy for optimal protection and temperature control.

The Gill OS1 Jacket doesn’t cut any corners in this department. Reflective detailing ensures you remain visible in low-light conditions, crucial during those overcast days or unexpected late sails. 

The high-visibility hood and reflective accents on the chest and sleeves offer additional visibility to other seafarers and during search-and-rescue operations.

The jacket’s double cuffs, a zipper storm guard, and the high-cut thermal collar not only keep the elements out but also contribute to your safety by preventing water ingress, which is essential in rough seas.

Although sturdy, the fabric maintains flexibility, allowing you to move freely without feeling restricted or compromised in emergency situations.

After wearing the Gill OS1 jacket for an extended period of about 3 weeks I can categorically say that this bad boy is comfortable!

Despite its sturdy construction, the jacket doesn’t feel overly bulky, which allows for a good range of motion when you’re active.

However, some may find the jacket’s fit a bit snug around certain areas, notably the chest and shoulders, if wearing multiple layers underneath. It’s important to consider this when sizing. Here is their returns policy just to be safe. 

Overall, the jacket delivers in terms of keeping you dry and comfortable without sacrificing mobility, making it a reliable choice for ocean sailing. The balance between protection and comfort in the OS1 is well achieved, despite limited feedback from a broader audience.


  • High-Quality Material: The jacket is made with high-end fabrics, offering durability in harsh sea conditions.
  • Water Repellency: It stands up impressively against ocean spray and rain, keeping you dry during your time on the water.
  • Stain Resistance: Maintaining the jacket is a breeze, as it resists stains effectively, important when you’re frequently exposed to the elements.


  • Expensive: The jacket itself is pricey. Paired with the trousers it’s a large outlay.

Review of the Gill OS1 Ocean Sailing Trousers/Salopettes

In my experice I actually eneded up spending more time in the trousers than I did the jacket!

For this reason your comfort is paramount

Overall, the OS1 Ocean Sailing Trousers by Gill are a solid choice, albeit with one rather large caveat.

the high-rise style aligns with that, ensuring good coverage and fit. Care is straightforward, giving you the option to machine wash or opt for dry cleaning.

It’s clear that these trousers were crafted with utility in mind; the presence of a utility pocket is a testament to functionality.

The high-rise style aligns with that, ensuring good coverage and fit. Care is straightforward, giving you the option to machine wash or opt for dry cleaning.

But, the design isn’t without its quirks. My biggest gripe with them is the lack of a ‘pee hole’ or easy access in the crotch area, which is a step back in design compared to earlier models from Gill.

With a focus on high performance, these trousers hold up well against the relentless sea spray and torrential downpours. Your comfort isn’t compromised, as the high-rise design and utility pocket are sensibly laid out for ease of movement and accessibility of essential items.

The trousers maintain a solid line of defense against water and stains, backed by a robust care regimen: machine washable or an option for dry cleaning to maintain the repellent properties.

Remember that while no gear is entirely infallible under extreme conditions, these trousers offer a reliable layer that stands up to the common challenges faced while sailing.

The outer layer repels water and stains efficiently. Underneath, a middle layer provides a breathable barrier, allowing moisture from your body to escape, which is essential for maintaining warmth without feeling clammy. This sweat-wicking ability ensures you remain dry even as you work up a sweat on deck. The innermost layer feels comfortable against your skin, soft enough to prevent chafing during long stints on deck.

While durable, the trousers don’t compromise on comfort. You might find them a tad less flexible compared to lighter fabrics, but the protection they offer against harsh sea conditions balances the scale. 

They’re machine washable, so maintenance isn’t a hassle, although you should note that they’re not suitable for tumble drying.

As you slide into these trousers, you’ll notice the high rise, alongside a handy utility pocket designed for practicality while on deck.

The material’s response to ocean spray and spilt substances is exceptional—the water rolls right off, keeping you dry and comfortable during rigorous activity. Moreover, despite the harsh conditions, the trousers maintained their clean appearance, a testament to the XPEL technology’s efficacy.

While handling sails, it’s easy to appreciate the trouser leg design that doesn’t restrict movement, even when you’re scrambling across the deck or taking a wide stance to maintain balance. 

Comfort and thoughtful design pair well in these trousers, granting confidence that when you’re faced with ocean spray and gusts, your gear won’t let you down.


  • Durability: Constructed with the demanding sailor in mind, these trousers hold up against rough conditions.
  • Comfort: Designed to be worn for long hours, they offer a good fit and flexibility.
  • Protection: The repellent fabric provides excellent protection from sea spray and rain.


  • Design Flaw: A noticeable omission is the lack of a ‘pee hole’ or easy crotch access, a feature that earlier models had included.
  • Price: No other way to put this than they are expensive

Online Purchasing Experience

After thorough research, I went to purchase the necessary gear. My choice was a UK-based website with attractive deals and reasonable shipping rates, allowing me to buy the equipment through my company within Europe. There, I selected the needed items and placed them into my online shopping cart.

Alternative Options

If money is no object or you are a professional sailor who demands the best of the best then I would say go for the OS1 Series or the Meris from Mustang Survival.

But if you can’t justify the price tag then you could look at Gill’s OS2 Offshore Series. You’ll get yourself a jacket and trousers for just a little more than just the OS1 jacket.

I’m the founder and chief editor here at Sailing Savvy. I spent a decade working as a professional mariner and currently, I mix those experiences with digital publishing. Welcome, and I hope that we can be the hub you need for safe passage.